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9 / 5 / 2014 | Crocker "One to World" Chromebook Launch

Hillsborough City School District

Crocker "One to World" Chromebook Launch


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Exciting news! HCSD is ready to launch its “One to World” initiative with the distribution of Chromebooks to Crocker students! Please carefully read through the contents of this letter and the attached HCSD Acceptable Use Policy to permit your child’s use of a Chromebook and access to a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account.  Today all 7th and 8th graders were given a paper copy of this letter and the Acceptable Use Policy and Permission Form.  On Monday, we send paper copies home with the 6th graders.

Acceptable Use Policy and optional, but highly recommended, Insurance Coverage Permission Form:

  • Please read and review the attached Chromebook and GAFE Acceptable Use Policy with your child.
  • A completed and signed Acceptable Use Policy for the Chromebook and GAFE account must be turned into your child’s ENGLISH teacher before your child will be given a Chromebook.
  • Similar to the use of textbooks, the Chromebooks are the property of HCSD and are being loaned to students for academic use. Beyond normal wear and tear, families assume the responsibility for the cost of any damage and replacement to the Chromebook. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing the Insurance Coverage. Within the Acceptable Use Policy, refer to pages 3-4 for specific information about the insurance coverage.


Parent Informational Meetings: It is important that parents become partners in this new initiative. We’d like to remind you about our “One to World Parent Conversations” and invite you to come and participate:

    • Monday, October 27 8:45-10:00 AM Crocker Lecture Hall
    • Tuesday, October 28 7:00-8:15 PM Crocker Lecture Hall

At the meetings, you’ll learn about the Chromebook device, receive some helpful advice about keeping the device safe and in working order, and be able to ask questions about the acceptable use policy, the optional insurance coverage program, and the initiative itself.

When will the Chromebooks be distributed to students? As a reminder, a completed and signed Acceptable Use Policy must be turned in to your child’s ENGLISH teacher prior to receiving a Chromebook. We will be distributing Chromebooks and training students during English classes over the next two weeks:

    • 8th grade English classes on October 29-30
    • 7th grade English classes on November 3-4
    • 6th grade English classes on November 5-6

What is a Chromebook? “A Chromebook is a laptop running Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and data residing ‘in the cloud’,” (Wikipedia). For more information about Chromebooks, refer to:

How will my child use the Chromebook? Students will be using their Chromebooks to enhance and support their learning experiences within school and at home. We want to help students find and assimilate information, create content, demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways, express their ideas, build solutions, explore, create, write, edit, curate, and engage others effectively while exhibiting digital citizenship. Teachers will be able to collaborate and share calendars, documents and folders with students. These devices will certainly enhance and change teaching and learning in our District.

What kind of software does a Chromebook run and how are they managed? Chromebooks run web-based applications and extensions that open right in the browser. HCSD owns and manages each Chromebook through our Google Apps for Education account. We have pre-installed several web-applications onto each student’s Chrome profile from a centralized management console. Currently, we have blocked the ability to install additional apps from the Chrome Web Store, but we will be allowing students to add approved apps and extensions in the near future.

Can the Chromebook be used anywhere at anytime? Yes, with a Wi-Fi connection students will have to access the web and installed apps. Also, Chrome offers the ability to work in “offline” mode on documents through the Apps Launcher.

Do the Chromebooks come with Filtering Software? Yes, HCSD is using to provide filtering both at school and when the Chromebook is used at home.

What is the battery life of the Chromebook? The Chromebooks have a battery life of 8-10 hours. We do expect that students charge their device each evening to ensure maximum performance during the school day.

If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Sullivan, Director of Technology at or 548-4208.

Thank you to the Hillsborough Schools Foundation and all those who support their efforts! Without your support, the “One to World” initiative would not be a reality.

Anthony Ranii, Superintendent
Maureen Sullivan, Director of Technology
Catherine Mikes, Crocker Principal

  300 El Cerrito Avenue,
Hillsborough, CA 94010
  Phone (650) 342-5193
Fax (650) 342-6964

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