4/21/2017 | Announcing Newly Elected APG and HSF Board of Directors


Announcing Newly Elected APG and HSF Board of Directors

Please join us in congratulating our newly elected Associated Parents’ Groups (APG) and Hillsborough Schools Foundation (HSF) Board Members!  APG represents all four Hillsborough public schools and supports parent volunteers at each school site.  HSF is a non-profit organization that raises funds to support excellence in our public schools.


Associated Parents’ Groups 2017-2018 Board of Directors

APG President: Michelle Fowler

APG Treasurer: Jean Scheible

APG Secretary: Cindy Chase

North School President: Kim Oliff

South School President: Jennifer Sepulveda

West School President: Elizabeth Gomez

Crocker Middle School Co-Presidents: Katie Schmidt & Cameron Hecht

Special Education Liaison: Laurel Miranda

HSF President: Andrea Ballard


Hillsborough Schools Foundation 2017-2018 Board of Directors

President: Andrea Ballard

President Elect: Elizabeth Gomez

Secretary & Governance: Susan Pfendt

Treasurer: Kevin Laws

Annual Giving: Ingrid Davis

Parent Campaign: Jen Frolik & Breigh McCall

Community: Sher Amos-Grosser

Legacy Giving: Penny Knuff

Audit & Endowment: Angelos Dassios & Minnie Sanford

Communications: Amy Jasmer & Catherine Breen

Events: Danica Den

Nominating: Afsoon Turner

Corporate Giving: Yidrienne Lai

Strategic Planning: Elsbeth Iannone

Personnel: Holly Rockwood

Past President: Ana Brubaker

APG President: Michelle Fowler


Our sincere gratitude to our two nominating teams for their remarkable efforts in assembling outstanding boards for next year:

  • APG Nominations:  Kirsten Patel (Chair), Leigh Roslansky, and Julie Veit
  • HSF Nominations:  Leslie Huie (Chair), Andrea Ballard, Ana Brubaker, Cynthia Foster, Jen Frolik, Elizabeth Gomez, Kirsten Patel, and Mona Shah along with our nominating advisors: Jamie Harris, Alison Ho, Julie Ledbetter, Stacey Raff, Cinthia Simon, and Wenda Treu

To volunteer at your child’s school, look for volunteer positions advertised in your school's eNewsletter.  To volunteer for HSF, please email us at info@hsf.org.




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